I offer two year long apprenticeships with the option to extend. However I also do take summer applications for those still working on their degree. The apprenticeship is an opportunity to share my studio, materials, process,  gallery and knowledge in exchange for work trade.  I am looking for someone motivated and hard working. They need to be able to see things to be done, have an independent attitude and be able to maintain a clean studio. The apprenticeship is an opportunity to learn how to sustain a lifestyle in ceramics.  The apprentice helps me run my gallery, dig and process clays, mix glazes, maintain my website and help fire my kilns.


The studio has two electric kilns, a salt kiln and an anagama wood kiln. I also have a ball mill, clay mixer, and pugger as well as a slab roller and spray booth and two electric wheels. The gallery has a large workspace and wheel. There are also several other wood kilns around Taos that the community is always looking for people to help fire and load.  Apprentices are entitled to use all this equipment on a full time basis.  


Apprentices are entitled to help me dig clay and use these as their clay bodies or order the neccessary materials to develop their own clay body. I do not offer commercial clay bodies and its is up to the apprentice to purchase these from the clay supplier. I do offer a fully stocked glaze room for expirmentation in any of the kilns. 

As an apprentice I ask for 15 hours of work trade per week. Typical duties might include glazing, cutting wood, sanding work, mixing glazes or clays, processing materials, loading kilns, uploading and maintaining the website. I also ask that you be selling work in the gallery 20 hours per week. This might seem like a lot but, this is how i subsidize my apprentices so that they do not have to find outside income. I offer 20% commission on my work and take a 20% commission on your work. Additionally, there is a studio in the back of the gallery where you can work when there are no customers. I ask that each apprentice spend at least three days in the gallery or 20-24 hours per week depending upon the season. All apprentices are responsible for their lodging and meals. There are several affordable resources and a strong clay community in Taos so finding a roomate or a place to live is not difficult. 



I believe that being my apprentice you will have the opportunity to live in a strong art community with plenty of outdoor opportunities outside of clay and an inspirational, beautiful landscape. I believe that you will leave the apprenticeship with a solid understanding of business, process, and a body of work to start your won studio or gallery. Each apprentice will leave and with a solid understanding of the ceramic process in including firing wood and  atmospheric kilns as well as harvesting and processing wild clays. I affirm that you will have a better understanding of running and managing a gallery, including selling your work on the web, wholesale and directly. In addition, I believe that being my apprentice will give you the inspiration and confidence of what it take to make your way as a craftsman.


If you are interested in the apprenticeship you should email me and begin the conversation.   I ask for a year commitment with the option to extend.  Because the studio space is shared and because apprentices work closely with my family finding a good fit is vital.   

 To apply please email me at potmaker@gmail.com with a letter of intent, and 5-10 images of your current work